Letter dated 7 January 1962

Dear Mrs. Jones,
It grieves me to write the sad news of your Brother Harold's passing away. I'm sorry I couldn't write before now, but was unable to find your address until now. He died peacefully on the morning of Dec 15th. He has had a heart ailment for about ten years. Although he took very good care of himself. He was getting increasingly more nervous as time went along. I have been his friend for twenty years and loved him very dearly. He was the kindest dearest man anyone could ever hope to find.  It is very difficult trying to express how I felt about him to someone I have never met. Through my association with "Buck" as we knew him, I know he had another sister in London and two brothers.  Recently he said your sister Violet hasn't been very well. So I'm going to let you break the news to her. I'm afraid my writing her would be very upsetting. I will be very glad to hear from you. My deepest sympathy to all of you.

Charlotte I Bartz
I Shall also write to your brother in Sydney