Letter dated 1 November 1954

My Dear Sister,
Guess you must not think any too well of me for not acknowledging your letter and photos ere this, however things have not been any too good for me. Unfortunately I have not been well for the past year, my blood pressure was up to a dangerous point but am glad to say I have it under control, but nothing has been accomplished during this period, am now trying to get back to a little painting. Now I guess you know Cissie wrote me about the condition of Mother which I am very sorry to hear, I sent her 20 pounds and will try and help all I can, but under the present circumstances with no permanent income I cant promise too much. I did not tell Cissie any of my troubles as she seemed so worried however facts are facts and I trust you will understand so drop me a note and let me know just what is going on. Well guess this is all the news for this time so with fondest love to all

From your affectionate brother Harold "Buck"