Palomino Ponies Mural
Canoga Park Post Office, 1940

San Fernando Valley by Maynard Dixon, Sponsored by Treasury Section of Painting and Fine Arts

Reproduced by Kind Permission of Rich Puchalsky

Jayne McKay: The Canoga Park mural is in Don Hagerty's book, entitled "Palomino Ponies". Dixon painted the mural, but a problem developed and he sent your uncle and Milford Zornes to go repair the mural. The paint had "bubbled" on the flank of one of the horses, so Milford and Buck were told to use a large syringe to extract the air from the bubble. They got up on a ladder, and as the story goes, the postmaster came and saw what they were doing and exclaimed, "Now I've seen everything! Two fellas giving a shot to a painting of a horse!"